The Safari

From humble beginnings a little event from an unheard of part of  Africa soon captured the motoring worlds attention. The Safari went from a time of stock show room vehicles, to a time in the 1990s when global manufactures arrived with purposely built for the safari vehicles 
Their Quest, the ultimate in motoring prizes ,victory on"The worlds toughest rally"


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2017 Safari Day 1

18 March 2017

Safari Day 1 The 2017 safari got underway Friday morning. The event was flagged off by among others the Cabinet secretary sport Hassan Wario and the KMSF chair P. Kimathi....

ARC Points Clarification

07 March 2017

To all ARC competitors, CACMS would just like to clarify on the format of scoring points in the ARC for 2017. This was discussed in the CACMS meeting held in...

Muna on the ARC

07 March 2017

An interview via Whatsapp with Zambia's Muna Singh, the Member of FIA RALLY COMMISSION and Coordinator for Africa By Abdul Sidi Q. Having got big number of ARC registered drivers...

2017 Press Release

05 March 2017
2017 Press Release

The 2017 Safari Rally which has attracted 51 drivers will start at the KICC on March 17 and end at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru the following day.

Jassi Chathe WIns

12 June 2016

Jaspreet Singh Chatthe navigated by Gurdeep Panesar in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 R4 machine racked up his second straight KCB Safari Rally title on the 64th edition of the...

Chager Leads

12 June 2016
Chager Leads

Flying Singh Baldev Chager navigated by Ravi Soni on his very first outing on his R4 Mitsubishi Evolution 10 has taken the overnight lead of the 64th KCB Safari Rally...

42 Cars cleared to start

09 June 2016

42 cars cleared to participate in the 64th KCB Safari Rally A total of 42 cars have been cleared to participate in the 64th KCB Safari Rally which revs-off from...

#KCBSafariRally Cmoncys Gallery

09 June 2016

  View the embedded image gallery online at: .

2016 Safari Launch

03 June 2016

The 64th edition of the Safari rally was launched last night at GP Karting off langata road. The exciting event which included team challenge kart racing was the most well...

Quentin for Safari

01 June 2016
Quentin for Safari

Quentin Mitchell is set to return from a seven month sabbatical during the 64th KCB Safari Safari Rally to be held on the weekend of June 10-12 in Nairobi, Soysambu...

64th KCB Safari Rally

26 May 2016
64th KCB Safari Rally

64TH KCB SAFARI RALLY HEADS TO SOYSAMBU AND ELEMENTAITA REGION ON WEEKEND OF JUNE10-12 Thousands of spectators are expected to gather at Kenyatta International Conventional Centre on June 10 to...

Team Kibos 2015

19 May 2016
Team Kibos 2015

The 2015 Safari rally organisors added an element of the olden days by allowing service crews to be mobile. This deviated from the modern service park only setup. Many a...

Safari Rally over the years.

The idea for the original Safari Rally was born in a legendary, much-quoted conversation between Eric Cecil and his cousin Neil Vincent. A true motorsport devotee, Vincent refused to compete at the newly-built Langa Langa circuit. 'I can imagine nothing more boring than driving round and round the same piece of track," he declared.

"But if you will organise an event where we get into our cars, slam the door, go halfway across Africa and back and the first car home is a winner, I'll be in it.'
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