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2016 Safari Launch

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The 64th edition of the Safari rally was launched last night at GP Karting off langata road. The exciting event which included team challenge kart racing was the most well attended motor sport launch that has been seen in recent years. Attendees representing the sponsors included Mr Makome from title sponsor the Kenya Commercial Bank. Paul Statham from Liquid Telecom who are the timing and connectivity sponsor. Vienna Mukabana from Red bull the official energy drink of the 2016 KCB Safari Rally. From the KMSF directors Phineas Kimathi and Jim Kahumbura were present. Mr Kahumbura the chair of the Kenya motor sports club that is organizing the event is also the clerk of the course.

The event started off with a brief history of the event given by master of ceremonies Ken wamae. Ken reminded us of the conversation between Eric Cecil and his cousin Neil Vincent Vincent in refusing to compete at the newly built track in langa langa said,"i can imagine nothing more boring than driving round and round the same piece of track. But if you organize an event where we get into our cars, slam the door, go halfway across Africa and back and the first car home is a winner, ill be in it" 

Jim Kahumbura then gave a breakdown of the itinerary to be followed and then took questions from members of the fourth estate and some from the drivers present.  After speeches were done KCB treated attendees to some cocktail biting, which was then followed by the karting. There were four team participating in the team challenge, the sponsors, the media, mafans and drivers. 

This weekend marks the first serious activity for the crews on the safari as they head down to Soysambu on Saturday to look at the route that they will be competing on next weekend. Rally proper activities start on Thursday 9th June with scrutineering and PARC Ferme at the landmark KICC grounds


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