2017 Safari Day 2 Results

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Day two got underway after the dramatic events of the last stage. There was some talk of an appeal by one of the 8 crew adjudged a ten minute penalty, but it never materialized. So on to the days rallying. The first stage of the day was a repeat of Aberdares Hills. This time round everyone got round it without any of the short cuts witnessed on Friday. The stage proved quite tough as the likes of Duncan Mubiru and others fell by the wayside here.  The early morning still air made for thick hanging dust and woe unto any crew that caught up with the car ahead. The stage was won by Tapio with an average speed of 80.6Km  

The second stage of the day was the marathon 49km Elementaita. This stage was ran on Soysambu the farm that has been in the Delamere family for close to 200 years. The farm is mixed use featuring game  and traditional farming activities notably the growing of wheat. The farm also has very scenic views with Lake Elementaita and the flamingoes there being the star attractions. The stage had a mixture of twisty bush and long straights running along the farms boundary fence. The notable rally drama on this stage was Tapio getting lost and losing approximately three minutes. His lead however was maintained. The stage was won by Jaspreet Chathe with an average speed of 97.72km

Survivors from Elementaita made their way to a much needed 30 minute lanet service to patch up damaged cars and nourish weary bodies. 

The second last stage was the Ndundori forest stage. The beginning of the stage was very quick for those who could hold the pedal down. At places it got dauntingly narrow and drivers needed to be on their A game in order not fall foul of this stage. The end of the stage was twisty. The stage being being a public open road also had many spectaors and local residents dotting it. The max blind brows no doubt provided much excitement in the cars and for the spectators. The stage was won by Tapio average speed 104.73km.

The last stage of the day and event was Gicheha farm. The stage was a dream come true for crews as it comprised wide smooth roads ideal for sideways action. There was drama for a hard charging Tundo who rolled his EvoX while trying to rein in the flying finn. Tapio remained cool and fast to keep his lead to the end of the rally. The stage was won by Onkar Rai with an average speed of 107.24lm. 

The rally cars then headed for a ten minute final service and parc fermme  before the crews made their way to the Afraha stadium in downtown Nakuru for prize giving. Ian Duncan gave the crowd something to cheer about with a short drift demo complete with billowing red dust. Not sure the stadium managers appreciated their nice running track blowing in the wind. 

Local leaders joined KMSF chairman in feting the winning drivers, and acknowledging the finihers in what may go down in history as the shortest safari rally.

So came the 65th Safari rally to an end. The timing and tracking on the event was definitely a step in the right direction.Were there many things that could have been done better ?probably. Is Kenya ready for a WRC candidate event next year? Only time will tell.   

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