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An interview via Whatsapp with Zambia's Muna Singh, the Member of FIA RALLY COMMISSION and Coordinator for Africa

By Abdul Sidi

Q. Having got big number of ARC registered drivers this season, is it going to be mandatory for them to tackle all the events?

A. Its not mandatory but I hope its the beginning of something big and good

Q. Is there minimal number of events for one to do to qualify for the ARC points?

A. Yes to be declared the ARC champion , one needs to participate in minimum of two events in north (Rwanda, Uganda,  Ivory Coast, Kenya) and two events in the south (South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania)

Q. What is the rule on the start List for example for the Safari Rally. Is it current reigning local national or safari champion to start first or the reigning ARC champ to do so?

A. Its really left to the clerk of course but an ARC foreign competitor can not be car one

Q. There is some doubts to whether Kenyan drivers may be able to tackle TZ and RWANDA events due to the election fever during that period. Any suggestions on that please

A. They are still able to do south Africa, Zambia and Uganda which makes them eligible

Q. Why are expired homologated cars not legible yet classic cars are?

A. Classic cars are restricted to two wheel drive rear and don't threaten the top class for overall victory. Where expired homologated cars can and this wouldn't go well with FIA.

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